North Florida hunting club open and inviting 
New Members. 
This is a “Still Hunting Only” hunt club - 
No Dogs Allowed.
We have 63 hunting sites available on 7200 acres of prime hunting territory. This Hunt Club is surrounded by thousands of acres of Timber land. 
Each of the South Bay Hunting Club hunting sites are approximately 120 acres, for a private, secure and individual hunting area. Liability Insurance provided at No Charge. If you want a hunting site that is Quiet and Peaceful give us a call - 
phone 386-294-1211 
ask for Julie.
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3087  N. County Road 53
Mayo, Florida
Phone: 386-294-1211
For New Membership - phone 386-294-1211 
Ask for Julie
Florida Hunting
  Hunting Season 2021 - Florida Hunting Club - Good Luck - Be Safe!